AI Powered Drone Delivery

Drone Express and Microsoft Partner to Launch AI-Powered Drones

AI Powered Drone

Drone Express and Microsoft Join Forces to Bring AI-Powered Drones to Last-Mile Delivery In a groundbreaking collaboration, Drone Express and Microsoft have announced their plans to launch a new version of the DE-2020 drone that employs Artificial Intelligence (AI) for in-flight navigation systems.

Drone Sophisticated Technology

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The DE-2020 drone will be equipped with Microsoft Azure to host the AI solutions, as well as Azure Machine Learning to train machine learning models. This sophisticated technology will enable drones to make live, in-flight decisions to deliver packages in an urban environment. The first aircraft with the specified hardware is set to enter production at the end of 2022 and promises to provide customers with faster, more reliable, and safer last-mile delivery solutions.

Building An Intelligent Aircraft

Their innovative approach to building an intelligent aircraft, in combination with their groundbreaking mesh networking capabilities, is expected to revolutionize the aerial logistics industry. Beth Flippo, Chief Executive Officer of Drone Express, has announced that the company is setting the bar for autonomous drone delivery by focusing on building a smarter aircraft, rather than one that can carry more weight. This cutting-edge technology, combined with their proprietary mesh networking capabilities, is expected to revolutionize the airborne logistics field. “While our competitors are focusing on how to carry more weight, we are focusing on building a more intelligent aircraft,” said Flippo. “This technology, combined with our proprietary mesh networking capabilities, will propel our aircraft to the forefront of autonomous airborne logistics.” The groundbreaking technology developed by Drone Express is expected to pave the way for the future of autonomous aerial logistics. With the company on track to obtain a Part 135 FAA certification, Drone Express is sure to be a leader in this new and exciting industry.

About Drone Express

Drone Express, an innovative aviation company, is shaking up the last-mile logistics industry by embracing autonomous flight. Founded in 2018 and based in Dayton, Ohio, the birthplace of aviation, Drone Express uses drones to provide safe, reliable, eco-friendly package delivery to customers across the country. The company has gained a limited spot in the Type Design and Part 135 Domestic Air Carrier Certification programs, thanks to its extensive collaboration with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Drone Express has also established strategic nationwide corporate partnerships with The Kroger Company, Papa Johns International, Winsupply, and other retailers. Out of the four companies certified to perform airborne cargo delivery for compensation in the United States, Drone Express is one of them. To learn more about Drone Express and its commercial drone delivery offering, please visit

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