Kunlun Tech's StarX MusicX Lab Introduces AI-Composed Songs

Kunlun Tech’s StarX MusicX Lab Introduces AI-Composed Songs to Global Music Platforms

Kunlun Tech’s social entertainment platform StarX MusicX Lab has released five AI-composed songs that are now available on more than 180 music platforms worldwide, including Spotify, SoundCloud, QQ Music, and NetEase Cloud Music.

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Music labels, singers, and music-producing organizations are already taking advantage of the AIGC tracks produced by StarX MusicX Lab. Singers in Indonesia and Malaysia have even recorded some of the songs, which have been popular on the platform’s entertainment social platform StarMaker.ro

a new kind of AI application scenario

CEO Han Fang of Kunlun Tech commented on the emergence of AIGC in the Web3.0 era, saying, “StarX MusicX Lab has started rolling out AIGC songs, providing a new kind of AI application scenario and giving us the freedom to let our imagination fly in terms of what is possible when it comes to content creation.”

The Lab, which is a part of Kunlun Tech, is equipped with an AI composer and is capable of producing high-quality singles, soundtracks, and ambient music for worldwide distribution.

AI technology and Content Production

As AI technology continues to develop and improve, it will become increasingly more helpful in terms of content creation, as it will improve the efficiency and diversity of content production, while offering more dynamic and interactive content.

With the popularity of AI products and the growing demands of fans, StarX’s creative content has great potential and room for development. The firm will continue to expand its business footprint and improve its creation capabilities, while producing exclusive songs for the world’s influencers.

Source: Kunlun Tech

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