AI-Illustrated Children's Picture Books

A New Frontier: AI Illustrated Children’s Picture Books

Stone Hollow Press is boldly launching into the world of children’s picture book publishing with their first title, “If Animals Had Jobs,” featuring AI art created with the help of OpenAI’s DALL-E 2. Every illustration and the book cover were generated using short text descriptions written by the author, creating a unique experience for readers. AI illustrated childrens picture books is a new and innovative approach to children’s book publishing.

First Children’s Picture Book with AI-Generated Illustrations

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Dennis DeRobertis, author of “If Animals had Jobs” and Stone Hollow Press Publisher, is awe-struck by the power of artificial intelligence and its increasing accessibility. He says, “As artificial intelligence becomes more powerful, more prevalent, and more accessible to everyone, we’ll find new and exciting ways to incorporate this technology into our personal and professional lives.” He added that he will still be relying on the expertise of human artists to create the majority of their picture books and that it is becoming increasingly apparent that the possibilities of this technology are endless.

AI-Illustrated Children's Picture Books a Giraffe picking apples

“If Animals Had Jobs” takes a comical look at what professions would be most suitable for animals based on their innate capabilities. Picture a cheerful alligator plumbing the sewers, a giraffe collecting apples, and a gorilla teaching the perfect fitness class.

Book Availability

The paperback edition of “If Animals Had Jobs” is now available from Amazon and other retailers. Additionally, readers can access a free PDF version of the book from the publisher’s website.

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