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Shutterstock and OpenAI Partner to Launch Responsible, Transparent AI-Generated Content Capability

Shutterstock, Inc. has unveiled an action plan to launch its AI-generated content capabilities responsibly and transparently. The company has partnered with OpenAI to offer customers the ability to instantly generate images based upon criteria they type in, deepening the strategic partnership between the two companies. When this integration launches on in the coming months, customers will have direct access to AI image generation capabilities, and contributors will be compensated for their contributions to the development of the technology.

AI-Generated Content For All

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Shutterstock announced its action plan to launch its AI-generated content capabilities in a responsible and transparent manner. As part of this initiative, Shutterstock is expanding its partnership with OpenAI to develop and deploy advanced AI technology that will supercharge creative storytelling for all.

The company is also launching a fund to directly compensate artists for their contributions to AI-generated content, and is dedicating its R&D resources to gathering and publishing insights related to AI-generated content.

Paul Hennessy, Chief Executive Officer at Shutterstock, expressed that it is their great responsibility to embrace the ever-evolving and expanding creative mediums and to ensure that the generative technology that drives innovation is grounded in ethical practices. With a long history of integrating AI into every part of their business, Shutterstock is the ideal partner to help their creative community navigate this new technology. Furthermore, they are committed to developing best practices and experiences to deliver on their purpose of empowering the world to create with confidence.

Today marks another milestone for Shutterstock as it continues to lead the industry in delivering the most advanced creative tools and experiences. By expanding its partnership with OpenAI, launching a fund to compensate artists, and focusing its R&D on gathering and publishing insights related to AI-generated content, Shutterstock is setting the standard for the ethical use of generative AI technology. With this action plan, Shutterstock is enabling all creators to confidently create with AI and to reap the rewards of their contributions.

Creativity at the Speed of Your Imagination

Shutterstock customers can now experience the power of Creativity at the Speed of Your Imagination with OpenAI’s revolutionary image generation capabilities. With just a few words, customers can now generate an image that perfectly captures the vision in their imagination.

Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, described the data licensed from Shutterstock as being pivotal in the training of DALL-E. OpenAI is thrilled for Shutterstock to offer DALL-E images to its customers via their API, and are looking forward to further collaborations as AI becomes an essential part of artists’ creative processes.

In the coming months, customers will be able to take advantage of AI image generation capabilities and streamline their creative workflows through direct access to this integration on Moreover, Shutterstock contributors will be rewarded for their contribution to the technology’s development.

Shtterstock will be rewarding its Artists

Shutterstock is committed to setting the industry standard, providing new revenue streams and rewarding its artist community. Through the creation of a framework, the company is compensating its artists whose works have contributed to the development of AI models and giving them royalties as recognition of their intellectual property.

An Ethical AI Framework

Shutterstock is passionate about using technology to ensure inclusivity and ethical practices in the creative industries. That’s why the company is proud to be a sponsor and participant in the World Ethical Data Foundation’s 2022 global conference, where it can help drive advancements in tech innovation and DEI. Shutterstock is also dedicated to protecting the IP rights of its artists, photographers and creators by developing policy and procedures, and employing methods to ensure usage rights and proper licenses are secured for all featured content, including AI-generated content.

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