Art of Trending AI Art Exhibition

The Art of Trending: A Collaborative AI Art Exhibition Curated by You & AI

Hamburg, Germany – The Woods Art Institute (WAI) has launched a revolutionary project that uses art to explore current trends. The project, called “The Art of Trending”, is the first of its kind in the art world. WAI is using Twitter Trends to create real-time art pieces that respond to the most relevant global debates. Each art piece will be a unique visual representation of the given Trend, created using a variety of different styles and mediums.

The Art Of Trending

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Today, the WAI (Woods Art Institute) announced a new and unique art experiment that promises to bring the institute closer to younger generations.

In this experiment, DALL-E 2, an AI-based creative platform, is being linked with Twitter Trending Topics to create a one-of-a-kind exhibition – curated by everyone. It works by using the tweets as AI Art prompts to generate various images to illustrate the tweet.

This real-time art is created by AI, using the DALL-E 2 Platform. The real-time art pieces will be constantly updated on WAI’s social media channels, as well as on billboards across Germany.

This experiment is set to explore the blurred boundaries between what is considered art and what it takes to be an artist. The WAI is excited to bring this new and innovative art exhibition to the public, and hopes that it will help to bridge the gap between the institute and younger generations, while also pushing the boundaries of our understanding of art and creativity.

A Pathway To Art

WAI’s founder Rik Reinking, one of Europe’s top art collectors, has stated that he sees the experiment as a pathway to art rather than questioning whether it is art or not.

The Institute has partnered with INGO Hamburg creative agency and MAGIG Design + Technologies to create this real-time art space.

Tobias Ahrens, Chief Creative Officer of INGO, finds it both impressive and frightening how far artificial intelligence has come in this area, but what he finds particularly fascinating are the many questions this raises for their industry.

To learn more about The WAI, visit or on Instagram, Twitter.

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